The 5 Deadliest US Wars

There is one certainty in any Military conflict. People will die, loved ones will be lost. It is a fact that every soldier understands and accepts which makes Military service such an honorable thing.

Over the years, the United Stated has been in some major conflicts. Some, have been deadlier than others however. So, which ones rank as the deadliest? Let’s take a look.

#1 The Civil War

You should have been able to guess that this would be the deadliest war in history because of the scale of the conflict. Although records of Confederate deaths is a bit sketchy, it is estimated that nearly 500,000 Americans (North & South) would lose their lives. Nearly 8000 would die at Gettysburg alone. The incomprehensible number of killed in action and due to related causes make it the deadliest conflict in US history.

#2 World War 2

Just over 400,000 soldiers would die during this conflict. With multiple fronts and an enemy that often did not care about their own casualty rate, it would be hard to prevent a massive toll on US forces.

#3 World War 1

With the use of trench warfare you would think that this war would have ranked higher on the list but it still racked up a toll in American casualties. Over 100,000 Americans would lose their lives in the war. A war that would resolve little and eventually lead to another, even greater conflict.

#4 The Vietnam War

With almost 60,000 deaths, the war in Vietnam comes in at number four. This number includes fatalities back from the start of conflict in the era, the mid fifties. This number is particularly hard to swallow because of the ultimate outcome of the conflict. So many soldiers losing their life for a lost cause.

#5 The Korean War

Just over 35000 soldiers would lose their life in this war. While the war did end in a stalemate, it also slowed communist advancement in the region.

In Conclusion

There you have it, the five most deadliest conflicts in US Military history. With a little luck, there will never be a conflict that knocks one of these lower on the list.

Why Tell Kids About War?

This is a question that has been asked many times before. Why should you tell kids about war and military conflicts? After all, war is all about violence and aggression right?

War History Makes For A Better Future

If you do not learn from the past, you are doomed to repeat it. I am sure that you have heard this about a million times and it holds true.

If you look at the military conflicts that have occurred in the past, I mean really look at them, you can see where mistakes were made. Mistakes that ultimately led to huge conflicts.

By studying the past, you can learn the lessons without repeating the cost. This is particularly important for the young leaders out there.

War History Makes Us Thankful

In addition to providing for a brighter future, studying conflicts of the past also teaches us to be thankful. The generations before us gave up much to secure freedom.

It is a shame that so much of the youth in this country lacks gratitude. They think that they deserve the world even though they have fought for nothing.

Studying history, particularly wartime history, helps to combat this.

War History Helps Us Understand Our Elders

Like it or not, war has been a big part of our history and it will probably continue to impact us. There will always be war of some kind because of the nature of people.

Because of its permanent place in our history, studying war can help us understand why people were the way they were. It is not hard to imagine that a large conflict such as WW2 or Vietnam could have an impact on a society. Understand the wars and you better understand the people.

In Conclusion

On the surface, it is easy to understand why people would question studying warfare. If you look deeper though, it is not very hard to see just how important it is to remember.