Dogs In The US Military

When discussing the sacrifices that military personnel have made over the years, we would be remiss to not talk about our canine soldiers. The dog has been a part of the military since the early days because they bring to the table a few skills that humans just can not match.


A dog has 10 to 20 times more smell receptors in their nose than humans do. This is why dogs have been used in roles like bomb detection, tracking and security. They can smell an intruder far before anyone can see them which makes them quite useful in military operations.


Their speed and agility makes them perfect for use as messengers. They can speed through treacherous territory unharmed when a man would stand little chance.


Breeds like German Shepherds are fiercely loyal and disciplined. They will give up their life to fulfill their duty without question. This makes them ideal in situations where they are asked to do so to spare the lives of human soldiers.

Breeds Used

Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of military dogs are German Shepherds and are trained at Lackland AFB. They are fast, strong, aggressive, intelligent and very easy to train. This makes them almost the perfect military animal.

Having said that, over the years, other dogs have been used in military operations. Golden Retrievers, for example, are used for training to detect one single smell such as narcotics or an explosive material. Besides Goldens, many sporting breeds have been used over the years for single purpose missions. These include pointers and even the occasional poodle.

Military Dog Missions

Dogs are raised for a variety of military missions. A new puppy may serve in one of many important fields. Here are a few examples.

Explosives Detection

This is your classic military dog. They can be used to detect bombs and improvised devices. There use in this area has saved thousands of human lives.

Drug Detection

Training for drug detection is very similar to that of explosive detection. These dogs undergo months of rigorous training and then are used at airports and points of entry into the country.

Search & Rescue

Some dogs are trained to simply find wounded soldiers. They can lead rescue personnel to the site of those injured but unable to communicate. They can also be used to find cadavers.

Dual Purpose Missions

Primarily the realm of the German Shepherd dog, dual purpose missions will generally be used for many purposes including patrol and detection duties.

In Conclusion

As you can clearly see, the military dog has aided soldiers for years and provides services that can not be attained anywhere else. They have honorably served for years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Veteran Benefits – Loans, Money & More

After reading about the lengthy Military history of this great country, you might be encouraged to make the Military a career, or at least start off your adult life there. This could be a great decision, even if you do not plan on being a career Military man or woman. Take a look at some of the benefits that are only available to Military Personnel & Veterans.

Cash Money Bonuses

If you enlist in the Military, you may be able to receive a sign on bonus of up to 40,000 dollars. That is a notable amount of money and one that, if you are smart, can set you up well after your Military service.

If you elect to take advantage of a cash sing on bonus, we advise you to please be smart about it. Unfortunately, most new recruits are young, 18 to 19 years of age. They lack the maturity to use this money smartly. Please seek the counsel of a knowledgeable financial planner who can help you use the money wisely.

Consider this. You are young. If you took that entire 40,000 sign on bonus and put it into a retirement savings, you could have over 300,000 dollars and that is without adding a dime to it. That is the power of compound interest over time.

Great Loans

The VA loan is one of the most incredible home loans that you can get. For Veterans, it means that you can get into a home far easier than your average civilian. Take a look at some of the advantages.

  • No Down Payment
    Conventional financing requires 20 percent down to purchase a home .Even FHA loans require 3.5 percent but with a VA loan, you can get into a house with zero deposit. Nothing beats a zero down loan.
  • No Mortgage Insurance
    Mortgage insurance, required on most other loans with less than 20 percent down is not needed with a VA loan. That can save you hundreds of dollars a month on your mortgage loan.
  • Easy Qualifications
    VA loans tend to be easier to qualify for because of the guarantee by the government. This often allows for lower credit loan approvals and even bad credit loans that might not have been approved with other home loan programs.
  • Loans Are Assumable
    If you sell your home to another Veteran, they can assume the loan. This can make your home more attractive if interest rates climb.

Money For College

These days, most college students leave college crippled with debt. As a veteran, you can get your education on the government dime. The GI Bill, may be able to get you an education and a degree without all of the debt.

It is a huge advantage to be able to go to school without worrying about where the money is coming from. Then, when you graduate, you could start your career without being crippled with debt.

That could allow you to choose the career and job that you want to do, not the one that will pay for your debt. This is a choice that most college grads do not get.

Healthcare Benefits

As a Vet, you may eventually be able to take care of a number of health benefits including inpatient care, outpatient care and mental health services. In addition, you may qualify for life insurance benefits and burial benefits upon your death.

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